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Welcome to our home page!
Welcome to our home page!  We are Sixth Sense Technologies (SST for short), a team of engineers at San Diego State University.  This page of ours is going to be used to document the progress of our project.  Our team is a mix of different engineers, 4 Computer Engineers and 2 Electrical Engineers, all trying to create an automated parking manager.

What is the project you may ask?  Well, the project that SST is working on is a parking manager.  The parking manager will be servicing the Special Permit parking spots that are located on the first floor of the San Diego State Engineering building.  Our system will help better serve the use of parking in that area.  Although the immediate scope of the project is to serve that small section of the university, we would like to try to expand our modest goals so that we can serve the whole university with our system.

In developing the system, we have thought of three different types of users of these parking spots: fully authorized users, who will be authorized through a radio-frequency identification (RFID) card reader, and can park in those parking spots as they please, visitors, who must get a code from an authority figure of the building/university, and enter that code into a key pad that is placed next to the entrance of the engineering building, and a temporary user, who could just drive up and park in the spot for a short amount of time, yet to be determined by us.

You can track the progress of our work by looking under the News column for any updates.  You can browse around the site for pictures, technical documentation, or if you want to know more about the team.  If you want to contact us or have any questions about the project, you can e-mail us at sst@jason.sdsu.edu.  If you want to contact any one of us directly, our e-mail addresses can be found under "The Team" link of the web site.

The Team | Tech Specs and Files | Pictures
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